Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Wake-Up Call by Linda Rettstat

Candace Hudson wants a husband and babies. But a recent nasty break-up has her rethinking the husband part of the equation. Griff Calhoun, a divorced father and the product of divorce, wants to share his wealth and Texas cattle ranch to open a summer camp for children of divorce. Candace already has a full-time job; Griff wants her to consult with him on his project. Neither one is looking for love, but both Candace and Griff get a much needed wake-up call.

First, if you are looking for erotic romance, this is not for you. I generally prefer erotic romance, but this was a sweet story of true love. Candace has been burned by an ex-fiance and isn’t ready for a new romance. Griff got burned badly and was left with a daughter from his first marriage. He didn’t want to get married again. Looking to start a camp for kids from divorced families he seeks out Candace for guidance. There’s an instant attraction, but their first meeting is full of scandal.

The couple overcomes an asshole ex-fiance, a psychopath stalker, a plane crash, her dad’s heart attack and a complicated pregnancy. In the end they work it out. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I wanted to know what happened next. There was something happening throughout the whole book. This was an awesome love story and told very well! Good job Linda, I hope we get Zeke’s story next.

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