Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: A Stranger's Kiss by K.E. Saxon

When two lonely strangers meet in a bar on Valentine’s Day, they take passionate solace in each other’s arms, little knowing that they will soon meet again as business associates.

Karen Samuels has sworn off emotionally unavailable men, deciding her time will be much better spent building her fledgling graphic art company.

David Anderson, a widower of seven months is still deep in mourning and battling survivor’s guilt. Determined to open the restaurant that had been his wife’s dream, and on the recommendation of his best friend, he hires a graphic artist, sight unseen, to create the perfect logo.

SHE knows his heart belongs to another.

HE knows he could give her his heart, but he doesn’t deserve to be happy again.

THEY know that falling in love will only bring more agony and despair.

But, FATE knows otherwise.

What a moving romance. Both Karen and David both have major issues. I love how they work through them together and that it's David, the one who lost his wife and didn't want to let her go, that pulls thru first and brings Karen with him. Karen, daughter of famous race car driver George Cutty, went buck wild in her youth. As she got older she wanted to overcome her past and changed her name so it wouldn't shadow her future. Well, the truth comes out and David is the one who helps her pull through.

I love the HEA in this story. Both the hero and the heroine deserve it!

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