Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Divorced, Desparate and Delicious by Christie Craig

Ever since photographer Lacy Maguire caught her ex playing Pin the Secretary to the Elevator Wall, she's been content with her dog Fabio, her three cats, and a vow of chastity. But all that changes when the reindeer-antlered Fabio drags in a very desperate, on-the-run detective who decides to take refuge in her house--a house filled with twinkling lights and a decorated tree. (Okay, so it's February. but she has a broken heart to mend, a Christmas-card shoot to do, and a six-times divorced, match-making mother to appease.) For the first time in a looong while, Lacy reconsiders her vow. Because sexy Chase Kelly, wounded soul that he may be, would be an oh-so-delicious way of breaking her fast. Now, if she can just keep them both alive and him out of jail...

Wow! Talk about a lot of twists and turns. I really liked this book. There were times when it got a little slow for me. I actually stopped reading it for a while and read a few other books, but eventually it just ate at me that I didn’t know what happened. I finished it today. I am so glad I did. It had the perfect ending.

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