Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: A Love Story (Now and Forever 1) by Jean Joachim

After the tragic loss of her fiancé to war in Iraq two years earlier, Callie was determined to go on. Still sad, totally alone and low on funds, she traveled to Kensington State University to continue her education. Bravely facing the challenge of building a life on her own, she unexpectedly fell in love with Mac, the handsome dean, who helped her heart mend.

Mac, lonely, divorced with a child, fell for Callie almost the instant he spied her on campus. Patience, perseverance and passion brought Callie to his side. However, their road to happiness was fraught with trials from coping with ghosts from Callie’s past to the demands of Mac’s young son.

Could their happiness survive a scheming ex-wife, a custody battle and murder attempts from a vicious drug gang?

A tearjerker for sure! Callie has had it rough. She lost her parents at 16 and then lost her fiancé to the war. Two years later, she starts to move on by going back to school for her Master’s degree. While there she meets Mac, the dean of the school. While working together, they fall in love.

Their love story isn’t an easy one. It comes with several trials and obstacles. Right after one works itself out, they are hit with another. You know you have a story of true love when they turn to each other for support during their trials and tribulations. Callie and Mac do this time and time again. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Now and Forever series.

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