Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Secret Vow by Susan R. Hughes

Brooke Eldridge only wants to forget what happened when she was twelve years old. But when she returns to her hometown and runs into a boy from her past, the terrible secret she’s tucked away for eighteen years returns to haunt her. The grown-up Ian McCarthy is irresistible, and the closer he and Brooke become, the harder it is to keep the truth from him. Brooke has no choice but to end the deception, but revealing what she knows might mean losing Ian forever.

Very emotional and intense read. I loved Ian. He overcame so much. And poor Brooke, being pulled by her best friend to keep a secret from the man she loves. I am glad they overcame the issue and loved their HEA. Faith (best friend) finally came around and realized she was wrong in keeping the secret. I would love for Andrew to have a book. Maybe now that his secret is out he can overcome is alcohol problem and get on with his life, hopefully saving his marriage.

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