Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Cooking Up Trouble by Elizabeth Coldwell

The good news is that Morgan Jones has landed her dream job, co-presenting the Saturday morning TV cookery show, Cook’s Treat. The bad news is she’ll be working alongside the hottest celebrity chef inLondon, Scott Harley.

Voluptuous Morgan has never forgiven Scott for trashing her cooking style and physical appearance in a magazine article, but when she meets him in the flesh for the first time her reaction is very different. The attraction between the two of them is mutual and undeniable, but she’s determined not to fall for his obvious charms. Their chemistry on the show disguises the tension behind the scenes – a tension that grows more sexual by the day.

Can she stand the growing heat – or should Morgan get out of the kitchen?

Talk about turning up the heat. What a scrumptious treat this book turned out to be. Morgan and Scott have a chemistry that definitely turns up the heat. I think that maybe Morgan should've confronted Scott about his past comments about her (from before they met), especially since they had bothered her so much. It was like she just forgot about them. Of course, I might have too with him creating new recipes on me.

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